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Omega3 Innovations Team Members

Meet Omega3 Innovations' team members

Meet Our Team of Dedicated Employees

Are you ever curious who has that nice, helpful voice behind the telephone? Who packed your order just right? Who wrote or designed that brochure you love handing out?  These are the folks that keep us up and running. We are a diverse group who delight in bringing you the fish oil, and fish oil products that help to keep you active, healthy, smart, and happy.


CarolFavorite worktime activity: I enjoy product development; experimenting with new flavor profiles and portion sizes is a lot of fun.

Favorite Omega3 Innovations product: The Omega Heaven® is my favorite. A cookie that's chocolate and healthy -  what’s not to like? My family also enjoys the Omega Cure topped with a bit of orange juice. 

What is important to you about making Omega3 Innovations products: It is important to me to prepare foods that are appealing and healthy. Knowing the care with which our products are handled from initial sourcing as raw ingredients through production, packaging and shipping, until they arrive safely on your doorstep is fulfilling.


Team Member BrettFavorite Omega3 Innovations product? I would say that my favorite product this minute is the Omega Heaven®. However, I am very excited about the possibility of a new Omega Cure with green tea, lemon, and mint!

What are your hobbies outside of work? I coach my youngest son’s baseball team. I also enjoy painting sea and landscapes or reading any type of autobiography.

What is most important to you in working with Omega3 Innovations' products? I think what I enjoy most is knowing that what I do has a direct an impact on improving a person's life!



Team member MonicaHow do you think differently about nutrition today: I have certainly learned a great deal about the truth vs. the myths behind omega-3 since joining the company in October 2010.  Who would have ever thought that I would be taking a dose of fish oil everyday when I dislike eating fish so much!

Favorite worktime activities: Although I spend most of my day surrounded by numbers, I greatly enjoy the opportunity to explore my hobby of graphic design every once in a while when working on small projects for the company.


Team member Dona Best work story: A man came in to purchase Omega Passion for his wife for Mother's Day.  He took advantage of our "Buy 4, Get 1" price. A month later, his wife came in to purchase more. I had to laugh as she shared with me that he got her three boxes of Omega Passion. She loved them so much, she was going to get more and hide them from him. The funny thing is that he also had a box or two hiding from her.   

How to do you feel the products have changed your life: I am overall much healthier. My doctor was amazed that my cholesterol and triglycerides came down so quickly. I've lost 10 Ibs. and have much more energy and fewer aches and pains.


SeanBesides work: I'm very involved in the community. I do public speaking with Toastmasters, work with the Young Professionals Group, and am co-chair of both the marketing committee and communications committe for the Farmer's Market. I was also just selected to be part of Leadership Sarasota County, which is a program sponsored by the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce.

What's the most interesting thing you've done at work: After five years of working the Farmer's Market, it is still always an adventure.

Favorite Omega3 Innovations product: What can I say, I'm a purist. I like the Unflavored Omega Cure.  


KellyBesides baking Omega Cookies, what do you like to make in the kitchen: I love cooking Italian and Asian food. But I like trying all different kinds of recipes. 

Favorite Omega3 Innovations product: I love the cranberry Omega Cookies. I eat one every day. Except on the days when I have a chocolate chip Omega Cookie. You need a change of pace every once in a while. 

Hobbies: Cooking, saltwater fishing, and hanging out with my three dogs and wonderful husband. 



JohannesYou've been working with the company since it started. How has it changed: We started off very small - working out of a tiny kitchen facility. It was pretty pitiful in the beginning. We're much bigger today - we have more products, more staff, and a bigger facility. 

Favorite work activitiy: What I like most is labeling bottles of Omega Cure. I like the solitude - it's very relaxing. 

Other interests: Ballroom dancing, history, and following the news and political races. 



KimWhat do you do in your spare time: I'm enrolled at the State College of Florida, and am studying radiography. I'm really close to getting my Associate's Degree. 

Favorite Omega3 Innovations product: I like the chocolate chip cookies. I think those are my favorites. 

Other interests: I love going to the gym, visiting the beach, listening to music, and cooking! 


May-EliseWhat is the most interesting thing you've done at work: Definitely creating an Omega Cookie singing commercial called the "Omega Cookie Love Story." It was based on Judy Garland's "Dear Mr. Gable/You made me love you." 

What do you do in your spare time: Sing for fun and pay, compose music, write lyrics, ballroom dance, and ferociously clean the kitchen to Whitney Houston's "Wanna Dance with Somebody." 

Favorite Omega3 Innovations product: The Omega Passion. I can't get enough of it. Maybe there's another song coming on...



Missy Why I love working at Omega3 Innovations: 
I tell my friends that I get to edit in a chocolate factory every day. I mean, have you tried the Omega Heaven? Besides being a video editor, producer, and occasionally a sugar freak, I'm also very interested in foods that heal the body.  

What differences have you noticed since starting on Omega Cure: 
Before working here, I started taking Omega Cure for my runner's knee. Within a week, I noticed it cleared up the acne on my face. Wow! Now that my system is flush with fish oil, I notice more energy and mental clarity. I'm fully expecting this product to whiten my teeth, turn me into an Olympian and take me on vacations.