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Omega-3 for Special Needs: Articles 

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Aspergers and Fish Oil

You’ve heard about omega-3,  the fishy supplement that promises to help with arthritis and heart health, memory and weight control. Omega-3 can also be instrumental in promoting the health and happiness of your Asperger's child.  How can omega-3 potentially help with Asperger's syndrome? And, how much omega-3 does your child need to actually feel a difference.

Although omega-3 is essential for our basic wellbeing, more than 90% of the American population is deficient in omega-3. Children with autism and Asperger's appear to be even more omega-3 deficient than the average child, indicating that restoring their omega-3 balance might be especially important for an Asperger's child’s healthy functioning.  Read More

Improving Learning Abilities with Fish Oil 

Children with all kinds of developmental and behavioral disorders can receive a big boost from fish oil. Research shows that in children, omega-3 can improve focus, attention, calmness, and social skills. Plus, it aids brain development in those crucial early stages. Watch the BBC Science report on... Read More

Founders' Personal Story

Entering this site you should know that you have come to a place where the company founders share with you some of  the same challenges a special needs child  brings to the family dynamics. This was how we came to investigate the effects of omega-3 in the first place. When our son was born many years ago, we noticed early on that he developed slower than normal at some neurobehavioral tasks. Even more curious was that there seemed to be enormous fluctuations from one day to the next. We couldn't help but wonder what triggered the changes, and if it was something within our control. We hoped and prayed that we might discover a way to make his life (and ours) a little easier.  Read More