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Classic Omega Passion (20 truffles)


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A classic dark chocolate truffle. Enjoy the heart healthy power of omega-3s and oat fiber enrobed in non-alkalized chocolate that's rich in antioxidants. At only 49 calories apiece, each irresistible bite delivers the luscious snap of chocolate with an amazing appetite-suppressing and energizing effect on your body. Each tin contains 20 Omega Passion truffles. 

Omega Passion Chocolate Truffle

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It's delicious. But don't take our word for it. Hear what other people are saying about the Omega Passion. 


Apr 05,2013 by Melisgeo
As Lucy said...Umm Delicious and So Good For You!

When my husband and I travel back and forth from Bucks County, PA to Sarasota, it is an 1100 mile drive broken up between two days of 10 and 6 hour drives. Around 4 o'clock the monotony kicks in and we definitely need something to take us through another 4 hours. Rather than have to carry our Omega Cure Oil, I make up a "survival" kit of 2 Heaven cookies and 2 Passion truffles. We start the drive early in the morning with a Heaven cookie and at 4, have a Passion truffle. We get our oil for the day and what better way than with CHOCOLATE.
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Each Omega Passion contains one capsule worth of purified full-spectrum cod liver oil, providing vital and restorative benefits to every cell, organ and system in your body. Together with 188mg of oat fiber in each piece, the Omega Passion provides a one-two punch in the fight against blood sugar spikes, obesity and the 3 p.m. energy dip.

Omega Passion Nutrition Facts

How is Omega Passion different from other chocolates?
There are several high quality dark chocolates on the market. Omega Passion is the only product containing marine omega-3s and beta glucan soluble oat fiber in a clinically significant dose. Consuming four Omega Passion provides a dose of soluble fiber and omega-3 fish oil equal to the American Heart Association recommendations for people at risk of heart disease or diabetes.

How many calories are in an Omega Passion?
Only 49 calories – the majority of which come from purified full-spectrum fish oil, soluble oat fiber and non-alkalized dark chocolate. Due to Omega Passion’s appetite suppressing qualities, consuming these frozen chocolate truffles leads to an organic shift toward weight management and obesity prevention.

How should I store my box of Omega Passion?
Best stored in the freezer, our new and environmentally friendly BPA-free tins will protect your Omega Passion up to four months. If you leave Omega Passion at room temperature, the chocolate will soften and become mushy, losing it’s snap.

What time of day is best for eating an Omega Passion?
The answer to that question will vary depending on why you want an Omega Passion. If you are craving a snack or dessert, Omega Passion will help satisfy your chocolate urge while simultaneously providing your body a health boost. If you are trying to curb your appetite and reduce your portion size at a subsequent meal, enjoy a few pieces of Omega Passion an hour before consuming the meal. If you are heading to the gym or golf course and wish to maximize your physical performance, enjoy a few Omega Passion chocolates before leaving home.

Is the Omega Passion safe for children and pregnant women to eat?
Yes, unless the person has a rare medical condition where the doctor has put a ban on consuming any of the recommended ingredients.

What makes the Omega Passion worth the price?
Using first class, wholesome ingredients is the only way to create such delectable chocolates. With servings costing less than a premium cup of coffee, Omega Passion’s swoon-worthy taste also provides unparalleled health benefits. Consuming Omega Passion on a regular basis may help improve triglyceride, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Additionally, the fish oil contained in each piece of Omega Passion is equivalent to that found in a capsule of fish oil so you can quit taking fish oil capsules while keeping away from junk food.

How long do I have to eat the Omega Passion before I start seeing changes in my cholesterol and triglyceride levels?
Between three to four weeks.

Can I eat too many Omega Passions at a time?
Omega Passion is a powerful food product created with ingredients that work together to provide health protective benefits masquerading as a gourmet chocolate. At only 49 calories each, you can enjoy a few pieces with the knowledge that you are correcting omega-3, soluble fiber and antioxidant deficiencies.

Enjoy your Omega Passion daily. It’s your not-guilty pleasure. 

Treat your Omega Passion as though it were ice cream. As soon as you receive it, store the tin box full of chocolates in your freezer. Allow your classic Omega Passion a few minutes to thaw before you enjoy.