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Omega Heaven (60 cookies)


Quick Overview

Omega Heaven is made of whole foods that keep you feeling full longer: gluten-free steel cut oats, non-alkalized dark chocolate and fresh, full-spectrum omega-3 fish oil. The powerful trio of healthy ingredients work in harmony to provide a satisfying snack, breakfast, or dessert that is delicious and keeps you from reaching for junk food. Each box contains 60 individually wrapped Omega Heavens. 

Omega Heaven in Shipping Box

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A smaller version of the chocolate chip Omega Cookie enhanced with a hint of natural coconut flavoring, enrobed in 61% non-alkalized dark chocolate.


Nov 15,2013 by JB
Amazing cookies

I never thought I would eat anything with Omega3 oil in it, but these cookies are wonderful. read more

Apr 08,2013 by naomi
Heaven Bars Delicious

These bars remind me of those little chocolate donuts we used to eat as children -- but they're so much better nutritionally and delicious with a heartier chocolate and oat flavor. Thank you Omega3 Innovations for another tasty treat! read more

Combining non-alkalized dark chocolate with our signature Omega Cookie, the Omega Heaven is a pure joy to eat and healthy to boot. Each chocolate covered cookie contains 4 grams of soluble oat fiber and 1000 mg of EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil. Plus, it's gluten-free! Eat as a snack, for breakfast, or guilt-free dessert.

Omega Heaven Nutrition Facts

How is the Omega Heaven different from the Omega Cookie?
The Omega Heaven is a small Omega Cookie, enhance with a hint of natural coconut flavoring.  After baking each cookie is dipped in non-alkalized dark chocolate (61%). The Omega Heaven contains half the amount of omega-3 (1000 mg EPA/DHA) found in the Omega Cookie. In return, the total calorie count is lower (only 198 calories, as opposed to 220). Still, most consumers feel that the Omega Heaven satisfies their appetite and use it as a complete breakfast meal replacement.

Should the Omega Cookie and the Omega Heaven be used differently?
Dark chocolate will melt easily and becomes messy in warm temperatures. Therefore, Omega Heaven is best suited for indoor consumption. The Omega Cookie, on the other hand, is perfect for traveling. In addition, since the Omega Cookie contains twice as much fish oil (2000 mg EPA/DHA), it better covers most individuals’ daily omega-3 needs.

My company wants to use Omega Heaven as part of its wellness program. Can we get our own logo placed on the wrapper?
Yes, please call us for details.

How should Omega Heaven be stored?
As long as you can resist eating them.  No, seriously, one month if stored in the refrigerator and six months in the freezer.  Allow it thaw for five minutes before eating. 

Can I leave the Omega Heaven out at room temperature for a day?
Yes, but for the best chocolate “snap,” eat the Omega Heaven while it still feels cold to the touch. 

Won’t eating Omega Heaven make me fat?
Omega Heaven is pure health, pure joy. Each chocolate-covered cookie is made with superior nutrients and healthy ingredients. Most people experience that their food cravings diminish and that they actually lose weight when eating Omega Heaven consistently as a meal replacement. See our article about this topic.

Will Omega Heaven help my work out?
This is a fascinating topic. Fish oil, oats and dark chocolate all seem to help improve physical endurance and recovery. Please read our article on this topic.

Store in the freezer for up to six months. Allow to thaw for about five minutes before eating.