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Omega Cookies, Chocolate Chip (15 Cookies)


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Enjoy a chocolate chip Omega Cookie for a delicious breakfast or travel meal. The wholesome combination of omega-3 fish oil and gluten-free oat fiber helps keep cholesterol and triglyceride levels in check. And to top it off, each cookie contains calcium, vitamin D, and 2000 mg of EPA/DHA, making the Omega Cookie truly a Superfood Champion.

Omega Cookies, Chocolate Chip (15 Cookies)

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Meet the Omega Cookie and its creators:  


Mar 22,2013 by Buck
Omega Cookie Chocolate Chip

Can fish oil and chocolate chips get along? Apparently it's a healthy match made on earth. Thanks to MDs' Bo Martinsen and Anne-Marie Chalmers, they've brought together the perfect combination. Not only do they taste great and fill me up in the morning, but they're good for me too, imagine that. I usually buy them at the Downtown Market in Sarasota, fruits vegtables and Omega Cookies now that's a great way to start the morning. read more

Mar 22,2013 by Kathy H
So Yummy!

We have just received our shipment of the assorted cookies in all 4 flavors and WOW! We have 5 members of our family and each tried one each of the flavors. All are really moist, tasty and satisfying. The portion size is really generous and fills you up. I am happy to know my kids are having a fish oil laden snack rather than empty calories. Highly recommend! read more

Mar 21,2013 by Linda
LOVE these cookies!

I always forget to take my fish oil, and never have time time for breakfast, so this delicious cookie is the answer! I grab one out of the freezer and eat it on the way to work, or as a mid-morning or afternoon snack. Wholesome, good-for-you ingredients, no fishy taste, keeps me full for hours. Recommend highly! read more

The Omega Cookie is the world’s only high-dose omega-3, calcium, and fiber cookie. Each Omega Cookie contains seven capsules worth of purified, full-spectrum omega-3 fish oil (2000 mg EPA/DHA), as well as five grams of fiber, 350 mg of calcium, and 800 IU of vitamin D. The Omega Cookies' ingredients match the American Heart Association's recommended dosage for regulating blood lipids. This is one smart cookie for those wanting to improve their heart health.

Omega Cookie Chocolate Chip Nutrition Facts

How should the Omega Cookie be stored?
Because the Omega Cookie contains so many high-quality ingredients, including fish oil and extra virgin olive oil, it has a limited shelf life. A box of Omega Cookies stored at room temperature can last up to two weeks. However, we recommend storing your Omega Cookies in the freezer, where they stay delicious for up to three-four months.

How many boxes of Omega Cookies should I buy?
Each Omega Cookie contains more than two teaspoons of fresh fish oil (2000 mg EPA/DHA), which is the daily dose recommended for maximum potency. This means every single Omega Cookie is packed with as much omega-3 as seven fish oil capsules or a salmon dinner. Since each box contains 15 cookies, it can last one person two weeks. The best way to ensure your stock never runs out is to join our Membership Program.

How big is the Omega Cookie?
An Omega Cookie is approximately the size of an English muffin, in diameter and thickness. It's just the right size for a wholesome breakfast or large snack.

What time of day is best for eating the Omega Cookie?
While the Omega Cookie makes a great snack for whenever you feel hungry, we recommend eating it for breakfast, so it can energize you throughout your day and fend off pre-lunch cravings.

Are there other options for ensuring I get a sufficient dosage of omega-3?
You can buy Omega Cure - a unique, pure, and tasteless fish oil, fresh from the shores of Norway. Just two teaspoons daily are all you need, and drinking a smooth liquid blended with a beverage of your choice definitely beats taking eight to ten bulky, low-quality capsules.

Why is omega-3 so important?
Because omega-3 works on a cellular level to enhance the efficiency of all kinds of functions, its benefits are varied and significant. Scientific studies have shown that omega-3 can aid weight loss, improve mental agility, boost energy and mood, lessen arthritis pains, mitigate the effects of autism, and achieve many other astonishing health benefits. An abundance of evidence has also established that omega-3 can help protect the cardiovascular system. For more information, click here or ask any healthcare professional.

How much sugar does the Omega Cookie contain?
An Omega Cookie has less sugar than an apple, and none of it is processed. Instead, the sugar comes from the cookie's natural ingredients - honey and fruit or dark chocolate chips (which have plenty of antioxidants). Label-scrutinizers should also note that the Omega Cookie's fat content comes entirely from fish oil and extra virgin olive oil which, while technically fats, are heart healthy. In fact, the fish oil can actually improve cell metabolism to potentially magnify the effects of diet and exercise.

Apart from the fish oil (omega-3) and extra virgin olive oil (omega-9), what else makes the Omega Cookie so good for you?
The Omega Cookie contains five grams of dietary fiber, half of which is soluble - that's more than the soluble fiber content of a bowl of oatmeal. The FDA's recommended daily intake, which far too few people reach, is 25 grams; eating an Omega Cookie is a big step towards reaching that goal every day.

The Omega Cookie also contains 35% of the daily recommended calcium intake in the form of calcium citrate, which is considered to be the best kind for bio-availability. When combined with vitamin D (another component of the Omega Cookie), calcium has been known to help fight obesity and improve heart health, in addition to strengthening the bones.

How many calories are in an Omega Cookie?
Each Omega Cookie contains around 220 calories. But fear not - most of them are beneficial calories that will stimulate cell metabolism and enhance body function. They are not "empty" calories.

Is the Omega Cookie safe for children, pregnant women, and diabetics?
Yes! The Omega Cookie's all-natural and FDA GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) formula makes it well-suited for everyone. In fact, children can reach a solid daily dosage of omega-3 by consuming just half a cookie. Furthermore, the sugar content is so low that it should not harm those with insulin deficiencies.

What makes the Omega Cookie worth the price?
When you think about it, the Omega Cookie is actually a pretty good deal. Sure, it's expensive for a cookie, but it's not your average Oreo. It's a complete, filling breakfast - and wouldn't you spend two dollars for a morning snack from Starbucks?

There's a lot packed into that little cookie - seven capsules' worth of omega-3 fish oil, 46% more fiber than a bowl of Kashi cereal, as much vitamin D as ten cups of milk, and more calcium than a glass of milk. Buying and eating the Omega Cookie is much easier and cheaper than purchasing and consuming all of that!

Does all that fish oil give the Omega Cookie a fishy taste?
Not at all. Due to our high-quality ingredients, product handling, patented baking procedures, and unique recipe, the Omega Cookie tastes like - well, a cookie.

How can the fish oil in an Omega Cookie retain its potency even when baked?
The short answer: we figured that out with plenty of trial and error. For the long answer, click here.

The Omega Cookie contains only all-natural and fresh ingredients. There are no preservatives in the Omega Cookies at all, so the moment you receive your box, make sure to store it in the freezer. The Omega Cookie can last in room temperature for up to two weeks, but stays fresh in the freezer between three-four months.

The omega-3 helps keep the Omega Cookie soft, so you can eat it straight out of the freezer. If you feel the cookie is too hard to eat, let it thaw on the counter for five to ten minutes.