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Omega Cookie Pilot Study

From the spring of 2008 nearly 100 participants were tested to measure the effects of the Omega Cookie, like increased omega-3 content in red blood cell membranes (bioavailability). Each participant ate one Omega Cookie per day for six to 12 weeks. At the same time, we analyzed the effect on triglyceride and VLDL (very low density lipids) levels and compared with data from other international omega-3 studies. The average cell membrane EPA/DHA content increased from a baseline level... read more

Improving Children's Focus with Omega Cookie 

Multiple studies from around the world have shown that the daily use of omega-3 fish oil may help children become more attentive and focused. However, the compliance to use a liquid fish oil regularly or take a large number of capsules has always proven to be a major obstacle. Omega3 Innovations tested students’ compliance to take a daily omega-3 fish oil cookie, and examined whether the consumption improved focus and academic performance... read more 

Gum Recession Pilot Study

By the fall of 2009, new studies appeared in medical journals suggesting that people who suffered from gum diseases might benefit from taking omega-3. The idea that omega-3 might be an effective way to manage and prevent gum disease took root with us here at Omega3 Innovations. We decided to test the results with our new omega-3 invention, the Omega Cookie. One particularly intriguing study from the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology in Egypt had studied the impact of an omega-3 and aspirin regimen on chronic... read more