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Why Choose Omega3 Innovations?

Choose Freshness

Freshness matters. With fish oil you can actually measure the freshness by testing a product’s oxidation levels. When it comes to omega-3 fish oil, the lower the oxidation level, the better the taste. Omega Cure has the lowest oxidation level of any fish oil product on the market. The result: a complete absence of any fishy taste or smell.

Comparatively, omega-3 capsules typically contain oil that has been on the shelf for two to three years before reaching the consumer. We believe you deserve better. Which is why we test for freshness, freeze our oil at every step along the way, and don’t hide behind gelatin.

Choose Full-Spectrum

At Omega3 Innovations, you will always get a full-spectrum oil, meaning that the oil contains the full-spectrum of the omega-3 family in its natural composition. 

The standard practice of fish oil companies around the world is to skim away the ‘ugly’ part of the oil in a process called winterization. There is no scientific basis for this removal, and in the process of boiling and skimming the oil, the product loses its potency. That’s why we choose to use only a natural, raw oil for all of our products.   

Choose an Effective Dose

Our Omega3 Innovations products are all designed so that customers can get an adequate daily dose to meet their health needs.

If you walk down an aisle of the grocery store, you will see plenty of “omega-3” food products. What the packaging doesn’t say is how much of the product you would have to consume to get enough omega-3 to experience benefits. Most of the time, the dosages are so small that you would need 50-100 servings to equal the two to four grams of EPA/DHA recommended by medical institutions like the American Heart Association.

Not so with Omega3 Innovations. One Omega Cookie or two Omega Passion chocolate truffles per day is all that you have to eat to meet the American Heart Association’s recommendation.  

Choose Science

Omega3 Innovations was founded by medical doctors who have dedicated their lives to making people healthier, preferably through preventative medicine rather than surgery or medication. Dr. Martinsen and Dr. Chalmers have studied the benefits of omega-3 and fish oil for decades.

You can rest assured that all Omega3 Innovations products are steeped in research and analysis. And have been personally and elegantly designed so that every calorie contributes to your wellbeing.

So now it’s just up to you. How do you want to take your omega-3 today?