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It makes such a difference in your skin and hair, besides how the body feels...we love it, and we're not dedicated health nuts like some!

Kerri J., Illinois

Omega Cure has given me an edge! I have noticed losing weight does not seem as difficult as before and my workouts are more effective.

Jennifer Bloss

I take almost a full tablespoon every day. I am very happy with Omega Cure. I don't have any medical problems, but I think I had what they call post herpatic pain (shingles from years ago). That has for the most part disappeared and let me tell you that was like being stabbed with an ice pick! I think it has helped my skin looks better too.

Carmel C., New Jersey

Full range of motion again! Thank you Omega Cure for giving me my shoulder back.

John Watson

I am 57 years old, diagnosed with degenerative joint disease (arthritis) about 6 years ago. Always a lot of pain in the back, hands, etc. But I am a rider and photographer who lugs a heavy camera and just pushes through the pain. I started using your Omega Cure about a year ago after my sister told me all about how it was helping her. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard this over and over again but I can’t believe the difference in the way I feel! It used to take several hours to get my body “warmed up” each morning, I’d get loosened up before heading to the barn. Now I am up at 4:30 a.m., literally jump out of bed and begin my day, no heating pad, no aches, no pains. I am competing my horse again (eventing, novice level) after some nasty injuries a few years ago.

Pamela E., Maine

I wanted to let you know that your Omega Cure has really changed my life. As you know I love to play ice hockey. I had to stop because I was in too much pain from the arthritis in my hands and shoulders. Omega Cure has changed all of that and has allowed me to return to play.

Now that I have used your product for a number of years all of my joints are more fluid and I really do feel great.

Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product to market. It really did make a difference to my quality of life.

Pierre Morrissette, Osprey, FL

After years of cutting short my golfing I have finally regained my swing. Thanks Omega Cure!!

Don Weller

I met you at Rolex this year.  I had just bought an Irish Sport horse that I put on your fish oil and you convinced me to give it a try because I was a runner and could hardly sit in a chair for very long before I hurt.  It has been a miracle for me.  I no longer have that much pain.  I had been to sports medicine doctors and all told me to lay off running, riding etc. Thank you for convincing me to give it a try.  I have told so many people.

Cheryl Ray, North Carolina

I feel absolutely wonderful. After almost 2 years of both Remicade and Omega Cure, I now feel it is the Omega Cure that helps me the most. I would not know I have arthritis unless I look down at my right hand to see how badly it is damaged. I recommended Omega Cure to my sister, who also has psoriatic arthritis.  She stopped all of her meds and only uses Omega Cure, and feels the best she has in several years.  She developed scar tissue on her lungs which was the deciding factor in stopping her meds.  Omega Cure happened at the best possible time for her.  And the results have been great.

Joan Smith, Indiana

In this economy we have had to cut back on a lot of things but I realized Omega Cure is essential to my good health so I am willing to do whatever to keep on it. I definitely notice a difference, especially in my joints and overall body and mental function.

Susan Wood

We are happy to let people know about a good product. It has helped our children very much. My 9 year old actually has told me about the difference it makes in his day at school when he takes Omega Cure vs. other supplements.

A. Parker, Mountain View, CA

My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing issues when he was three years old. His developmental pediatrician prescribed omega oils for his behavior and nutrition.

We had a hard time finding an oil with the right balance of omegas that did not have flavor.  His doctor recommended Omega Cure.  He has been drinking it in his chocolate milk twice per day, 1000mg per serving of chocolate milk for the past two years.  We have seen incredible results with mood regulation and his sensory weaknesses have greatly diminished. He is noticeably focused and calm when he takes his oil and if he skips even a day at this point it is noticeable.  It did take approximately 3 months to see a change, but now the benefits are amazing.  The quality of the oil is incomparable to any of the others we have tried and the fact that there is absolutely no fish taste is amazing. We would recommend Omega Cure to anyone looking for an omega oil for their child.

Rona Blau, Sarasota, FL

I started on the oil in April 2008 and have noticed many good things over the year. The obvious measurable result, where I think the oil has contributed, is my cholesterol. I had a test in March 2008 and total cholesterol was 204, which is not too bad. In May 2009 it was down to 164. I really did not make any dietary changes other than adding the oil. Less measurable, but I have noticed improvements in my hair and skin condition. My knee joints are still pretty creaky, but they do feel better and I no longer have any smaller joint pains in my hands and wrists. Overall, I am in good health and think the oil contributes to that.

Marian, Z., Lexington, KY

J. Booth

Learn more about one mother’s experience with Omega Cure for her child with ADHD and herself. "

J. Booth

Despite the rocky times I have been having, since I have been taking Omega Cure my mood and attitude have been very positive and I feel more productive than ever which is a real help.

Valerie Taskerton

The cranberry Omega Cookie is my absolute favorite! I ran out of these cookies and I really feel a difference in my health. I will be back to buy more soon! These are the best!


It is convenient to bring along an Omega Cookie when I am out traveling. It is so expensive to buy food at the airports these days and much of the food is not all that healthy.


I am a dietitian at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. We were provided with free samples at the Florida Dietetic Association annual meeting. I tried the cranberry cookie and it was awesome! Nutritionally I think it is a great product, great as a meal replacement and an easy way get in beneficial omega-3.

Julie Harris

Great focus, an even temperament and an overall feeling of well being. Omega cure is perfect for those of us with busy lifestyles, and a fair amount of stress, it really helps keep everyone at IMAGE web design performing at their best. I recommend it as a counter balance to a fast paced life and the suspect diet that usually comes with one!

Glenn Williams of IMAGE Web Design