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Meet the Superfood Ingredients

At Omega3 Innovations, we are committed to bringing customers the highest quality products so they can experience real health benefits. That means starting with effective ingredients we like to call our Superfood Champions™.

We have carefully chosen the main ingredients of the Omega Cookie and Omega Passion for their well-documented health benefits. Each of the main components - the fish oilfiberchocolatecalciumvitamin D, and gluten-free oats - have powerful effects on the human body, helping improve heart health, brain functioning, and relieving joint pains, just to name a few.

By combining these potent superfood ingredients, we believe that the final products will give the consumer more health benefits than any one component alone. 

Omega Cure contains 100 percent pure omega-3 fish oil.  Omega Cookie, a true superfood champion, contains omega-3 fish oil, fiber, calcium, and vitamin D. Omega Passion contains a healthy combination of omega-3 fish oil, fiber, and chocolate.