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Omega-3 Health and Science Articles

Omega-3 and Prostate Cancer Resource Guide

Since the infamous SELECT trial appeared online on July 11th, we have heard many questions and concerns regarding the safety of consuming Omega Cure liquid fish oil. We understand the concern. When newspapers run headlines like "Men who take omega-3 supplements at 71 percent higher risk of prostate cancer" (NY Daily News), it's hard not to get worried. 

What's not making the frontpage headlines as readily has been the response from the scientific community analyzing the study's findings and putting the research in perspective. To help customers wade their way through the media headlines and the response, we have created this Omega-3 and Prostate Cancer Resource Guide. This page showcases the analysis of different omega-3 and nutrition experts on the subject... Read More

The Rancid Truth About Omega-3 Fish Oil 

Most people would never dream of buying old fish for dinner. Yet, millions of Americans consume rancid fish oil every day in the form of omega-3 supplements.

It’s the great “cover up” of the omega-3 industry - many fish oil manufacturers conceal the poor quality of their oil by packing it into capsules or adding strong flavors. And most companies never report the oxidative status of the oil. Even though most consumers are not aware that they are consuming a poor quality omega-3 product, the rancid oil has an effect. At best, the poor taste and smell reduces consumer compliance, making it difficult to get an effective dose every day. At worst, the oxidation of the omega-3 can cause toxic by-products that counteract the benefits of omega-3 fish oil, and could even be harmful to the body... Read More 

No Brain Left Behind 

Twenty years ago, the United States had the highest high school graduation rate in the world. As of 2005, however, our country has slipped to the ninth ranking, and research has shown that American children's dexterity with math is also below average. 

Having realized the deterioration in the quality of education, the U.S. government retaliated. In 2001, Congress overwhelmingly passed the No Child Left Behind Act with the goal of improving American education with new standards for accountability, greater focus on reading, and more choices for where parents could send their children to school. It was a good step toward getting the U.S. back on top, but what the bill's authors forgot is that if children's minds aren't functioning at their best, the benefits of any education initiative will be compromised. In other words, a revolution in education, to have truly revolutionary results, needs to also see to the nutritional needs of children starved for brain food... Read More