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An Innovative Approach to Corporate Wellness: Improving Employee Health with Omega-3 Treats

Wellness programs traditionally focus on smoking cessation, exercise, health screenings and nutritional education as a means of improving employee health and morale. However, experts agree that focusing on the dietary habits of employees is critical for treating some of the most costly and prevalent health problems - including cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

Still, many workplaces promote poor eating habits by offering cakes and cookies for breaks, meetings, and office parties, and by stocking vending machines with fast food and sugary drinks. Not only do these poor food choices increase the risk of obesity and its related health problems, but they also reduce mental capacity and physical endurance necessary for employees to give their best during the work day.

Few companies have tried to introduce medical foods into wellness programs, simply because they are unsure of how to do so or because they fear employee opposition to healthy, but poor-tasting food products.

Fast Facts

  • Over 50% of corporate profits go to cover employee health care costs.
  • On the average, for every 100 workers in this country, 27 have cardiovascular disease, 24 have high blood pressure, 50 or more have high cholesterol, 26 are classified as being obese.
  • A company investment of $100 to $150 per employee each year toward a workplace health program can save companies $300 to $450 per employee.


An Omega3 Innovations Solution 

Omega CookieFrom award-winning, physician-directed Omega3 Innovations comes three products that will help employees happily replace junk food with nutritious meals and snacks.

Omega3 Innovations presents the Omega Cookie, the Omega Passion chocolate truffle, and the Omega Heaven -  three products that combine high doses of fresh omega-3 fish oil with cholesterol reducing oat fiber and non-alkalized dark chocolate.

Thousands of research studies indicate that omega-3 fish oil, oat fiber and dark chocolate, presented in adequate doses can:

1. Improve mental focus

2. Reduce stress levels and aggression

3. Increase feelings of satiety

4. Reduce joint pains

5. Improve bowel function

6. Improve metabolic syndrome and reduce the risk of diabetes

By combining these three superfood ingredients into delectable breakfasts and snacks, Omega3 Innovations has created the workplace solution to help employers improve the health of their staff.  

For the first time, companies can now offer an affordable and healthy treat to their employees while saying,

“We care about your health and wellbeing as well as your tastebuds.”


Introducing the Omega Heaven 

Meet the newest of our Omega3 Innovations products - the perfect snack for meetings or dessert at luncheons. 

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