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Introducing the Omega Heaven

Man holding Omega Heaven chocolate-covered cookie

We like to think of the Omega Heaven as the smartest breakfast, snack, or dessert ever created. Rich in omega-3 fish oil and beta glucan oat soluble fiber, the award-winning Omega Heaven fulfills the nutritionists' dream. Slathered in dark chocolate, the Omega Heaven also satisfies consumers' sweet tooth cravings.

What's in the Omega Heaven?

The Omega Heaven is like a mini-Omega Cookie, but covered in 62-percent non-alkalized dark chocolate.

Omega Heaven Nutrition FactsThe combination means that the Omega Heaven delivers 1000 mg of EPA/DHA, as well as four grams of soluble oat fiber, which has cholesterol-lowering potential. The chocolate cover helps preserve the moisture and texture of the cookie and provides an extra antioxidant boost.

In spite of its low sugar content, Omega Heaven appeals to people of all ages. And, with the combination of fiber and fish oil, even one Omega Heaven is enough to create a satiating food experience.

What the Omega Heaven does not contain is just as important to us. You will never find any of the following in our products:

  • Trans-fats

  • High fructose corn syrup

  • Coloring or artificial additives

  • Artificial preservatives

  • Gluten

An Award-Winning Combination of Ingredients 

In November 2013, Omega Heaven won the international SupplySide Editor’s Choice Awards for omega-3 innovation and market significance in Las Vegas.

The judging editors agreed that the cookies tasted good, and found the omega-3 delivery system intriguing. “The combination of oat fiber and dark chocolate deliver additional healthy ingredients for a ‘healthy halo’ effect,” said Heather Granato, Vice President of Content, Health and Nutrition Network at Virgo.

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Daily Omega Heaven Recommendation 

Omega Heaven works most effectively as a breakfast meal replacement, but can also be enjoyed as a sizeable snack or dessert. Eat one or two Omega Heavens a day depending on your personal preference and size.

Omega Heaven tastes best right out of the refrigerator. While the Omega Heaven can last for several hours at room temperature, we do not recommend leaving the Omega Heaven unrefrigerated for more than one day.

Omega Heaven has a month-long shelf life in the refrigerator and can keep in the freezer for up to six months.