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Omega3 Innovations Company History

Fishy Beginnings Omega3 Innovations founders, Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers and Dr. Bo Martinsen, pose with the Omega Cookie.

Twelve years ago, Omega3 Innovations founders MDs' Bo Martinsen and Anne-Marie Chalmers were on a mission. The couple had recently moved to the United States from Norway, the homeland of fish oil. They wanted to bring their knowledge of the medicinal power of omega-3 to the American public. But they quickly ran into a problem: namely that in the United States, people had a bad association to fish oil. The two doctors realized that to help people take their omega-3s, they would first have to cure their fear of the oil.

The Creative Process

Dr. Martinsen and Dr. Chalmers decided to make omega-3 so appealing that people would want to take it - not just for the health benefits, but also for the great taste. They started by creating Omega Cure®, an omega-3 fish oil so fresh that it has no taste or smell and can easily be added to juices and yogurts. The doctors have gone further, creating the Omega Cookie and Omega Passion™ chocolate truffle - both healthy treats that can be integrated as part of the daily diet.

Commitment to Quality and Science 

To this day, Omega3 Innovations is still inventing, still creating innovative omega-3 products that work for different health needs, schedules, and tastebuds. Every product goes through an extensive development process and scrupulous taste tests to make sure it both tastes good and provides measurable health benefits. Furthermore, Omega3 Innovations remains dedicated to the values of its two physician-founders; following the latest medical research, and performing our own pilot studies to determine that every product we make really does make a difference.