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About Omega 3 Innovations

Here at physician-directed Omega3 Innovations, we’re dedicated to manufacturing the freshest, full-spectrum omega-3 oil available. Since opening our doors on the Florida Suncoast in 2006, we’ve been busy creating innovative products that deliver effective daily doses of omega-3 simply and deliciously.

Led by Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. Anne-Marie Chalmers, our Omega Cure® and patented Oatfish products are designed to provide customers with measurable health benefits. For each of our products, we have done significant medical research to combine the right dose and ingredients in easy to consume presentations.

The result is impressive: Our customers come back with news of lowered triglyceride levels, improved mental health, and relieved joint pains. And in addition, everyone loves the fresh taste.

We are confident you will too.

Meet Our Physician Founders

Behind every Omega3 Innovations product is the medical training, commitment and passion of its happily married founders, Dr. Bo Martinsen and Dr. AnneMarie Chalmers.

Learn more about the physician team here.

Meet Our Team

Are you ever curious who had that nice, helpful voice on the telephone? Who packed your order just right? Who wrote or designed the brochure you love handing out? These are the folks who keep us up and running. We are a diverse group of individuals who delight in bringing you omega-3 products that help keep you active, healthy, and happy.

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Our Omega3 Innovations Mission

Omega3 Innovations is dedicated to improving the health of millions by creating nutritious omega-3 foods that are pure, potent, and pleasant to consume.

In creating all our Omega3 Innovations products, we follow the Four Fs:


Freshness is one of the key ingredients to experiencing omega-3 benefits. Not only does fresh fish oil facilitate compliance, but it also delivers superior health benefits. The omega-3 fish oil we use in all our products is so exquisitely fresh, it has no fishy taste or smell. Just the simple fact that we can bake it into cookies and omega-3 chocolates is a testament to the oil’s exceptional quality. On top of that, we have the numbers to prove it. The oxidation levels of our oil are a fraction of that of regular omega-3 products.


The standard practice of fish oil companies around the world is to skim away the ‘ugly’ part of the oil in a process called winterization. There is no scientific basis for this removal and in the process of boiling and skimming the oil, the product loses its potency. With Omega3 Innovations, on the other hand, you will always get an omega3 that most closely resembles Mother Nature’s fatty acid intent.


The omega-3 efficacy level in almost all worldwide research is set at 2000 to 3000 mg EPA/DHA per day. Most drug, grocery and health food store supplements offer only 1000 mg of fish oil and considerably less EPA/DHA. At Omega3 Innovations, however, we design all our products to contain clinically effective doses of omega-3. This ensures our customers experience measurable benefits.


We are dedicated to using fish oil (specifically cod liver oil) in all our products for two primary reasons. For one, it's the most potent source of EPA/DHA, the main workhorses of the omega-3 family. And two, it is a safe source of omega-3 especially compared to the krill and algae oils that require solvents to extract the omega-3.

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