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How Omega-3 Works 

Omega-3 and Healthy Cell Function 

Omega-3, which is found in fish oils like Omega Cure, is like a traffic light for your cell membrane. When your cells have enough of it, nutrients are able to come in, wastes are able to leave, and wastes are prevented from re-entering the cell. This is why the benefits of fish oil are so diverse – it truly helps every single cell in your body do its best work.

Omega-3 helps good nutrients enter the cell membrane and expels the waste products.


Omega-3 and the Cell Membrane

What makes omega-3 such an important part of the cell membrane is that it's a long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid. When enough omega-3 is in the cell membrane, its long and flexible structure prevents the cell membrane from becoming too rigid for nutrients and wastes to come and go as they should.

Omega-3 helps maintain a flexible cell membrane.


Omega-3 vs. Omega-6 

The problem is, just about every American has an omega-6 intake (from trans fats, soybean oil, and many other "junk foods") that vastly exceeds the omega-3 intake. When this happens, omega-6 starts doing omega-3's job in the cell membrane. Omega-6 is a much more rigid molecule, so it makes the membrane significantly less permeable. As a result, wastes can’t always get out, nutrients can’t always get in, and toxins often slip by. It’s not long before things begin to go haywire, and new health problems appear or previous ones worsen.