Omega3 Innovations Healthy Gift Guide

This holiday season, give your loved ones a gift that will keep them healthy and happy throughout the year. Here are a few gift ideas to get you inspired:

Gifts for the Student

Boy holding Omega Heaven chocolate-covered cookieTreat students to a convenient, on-the-go breakfast that helps them perform their best – the chocolate-covered Omega Heaven cookie. A recent study from the University of Pittsburgh showed that consuming a high dose of omega-3 every day significantly improved the working memory of young adults. And what better way to get 1000mg of EPA/DHA than by eating a cookie on the way to class?

Bag of Omega Heaven: $29.95. BUY NOW 

 Gifts for the Grandparents

Grandparent on the beach with a bottle of Omega cureGive the older generation a bottle of Omega Cure to keep their joint pains at bay. Omega-3 fish oil works on the same biochemical pathways as Aleve and Tylenol, but only if you get an adequate dose – or three teaspoons of the pleasant-tasting, fresh Omega Cure every day.

Bottle of Omega Cure: $44.95BUY NOW  

Gifts for the Host/Hostess

Waiter holding tray with two champagne flutes and Omega Passion chocolate trufflesTired of bringing the same bottle of wine and box of chocolates to the party? Try a spin on the traditional gifts with a tin of Omega Passion. Each chocolate truffle will satisfy your recipient’s sweet tooth and provide a solid dose of omega-3 and oat soluble fiber in every bite. It’s the most thoughtful and delicious gift of the holiday season.


Tin of Omega Passion: $21.95. Available in Classic or Mint. BUY NOW

 Gifts for Expectant Mothers

Pregnant woman holding bottle of Omega CureFor the mother wanting to ensure her baby’s health, a bottle of the world’s freshest and pure Omega Cure is a woman’s best friend. Studies show that when women take omega-3 supplements rich in EPA and DHA during pregnancy and while breastfeeding, their children are less prone to allergies and even have a slightly elevated IQ score.


Omega Cure Subscription: $113.85. Free shipping. BUY NOW

 Gifts for Travelers

Woman with a box of Omega CookiesIt’s time to upgrade the airport meal. Containing as much fiber as a bowl of oatmeal and as much omega-3 as 7 fish oil capsules, the Omega Cookie Superfood Champion will sustain your adventurer through long security lines, baggage claims, and beyond.



Box of Omega Cookie, starting at $9.95. Available in Chocolate Chip, Cranberry, and Ginger Raisin. BUY NOW

Omega3 Innovations

Omega3 Innovations is the world’s only manufacturer to have successfully created foods containing an effective daily dose of omega-3 fish oil. As a physician-directed biotech company, Omega3 Innovations has developed a complete line of fresh omega-3-based foods, including Omega Cure® liquid fish oil, the gluten-free Omega Cookie®, chocolate-covered Omega Heaven™ cookies and Omega Passion® frozen chocolate truffles. All Omega3 Innovations products are free of gluten, trans fats, added sugars and preservatives.

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