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About Us

The Omega3 Innovations founders pose with their new inventions - the Omega CookieWe at Omega3 Innovations believe that omega-3 fish oil is a critical part of a healthy diet. That’s why we’ve created a line of  innovative fish oil products that gives you an effective daily dose of omega-3, simply and deliciously.

Our Omega Cure®, Omega Cookie®, and Omega Passion™ are designed to provide customers with real health benefits. For each of our products, we have done significant medical research to find the right dose, purity, and kinds of ingredients.

The result is impressive: our customers come back with news of their lowered triglyceride levels and their relieved joint pains. And in addition, everyone loves the taste.

Founded in 2006, Omega3 Innovations is based in Venice, Florida and ships all across the United States.