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The omega-3 fish oil used in all Omega3 Innovations products comes from Norway.

About Omega3 Innovations Fish Oil 

At Omega3 Innovations, we take our oil very seriously.

The omega-3 fish oil used in our products comes from wild cod captured off the north-west coast of Norway, following the strict sustainable fishing regulations of the Norwegian government.

After the fish are harvested, the cod livers are individually inspected before going on to squeezing. The oil is then purified in small batches under cold temperatures with limited exposure to air and light, ensuring the lowest oxidation levels in the industry.  

Compared to other omega-3 fish oils on the market, our oil is the only one that has not been fragmented - a process where parts of the good fats are skimmed away to create visually clear liquid. As a result, our oil is completely full-spectrum, mirroring the true fat composition of the fish.

We believe that the combination of delicately treated omega-3 fish oil and unsurpassed freshness is the reasons why so many of our customers report amazing benefits - benefits exceeding the results of regular fish oils.    

Omega3 Innovations is proud to present omega-3 that is as close to what Mother Nature originally intended as possible. Skål! ("To your health"). 


Oxidation levels of Omega3 Innovations' fish oil 

Product Peroxide value * Omega Cure Certificate of Analysis
Omega Cure Less than 0.1 meq/kg
Arctic Omega (by Nordic Naturals) 1.23 meq/kg
EPAX 3.0 meq/kg


* Peroxides are intermediates in the oxidation process, which causes fresh oils to go rancid. The lower the peroxide level, the fresher the oil. Omega3 Innovations has achieved a new  standard for purity and freshness.