First in Freshness: Omega Cure Fish Oil Ranks #1

We are proud to announce: in a recent research study from Norway, our Omega Cure oil emerged as the freshest liquid fish oil on the market! Compared to other omega-3 fish oils, Omega Cure had oxidation levels one-hundredth the value of other products.

This is especially big news since new studies emerging from Scandinavia are confirming what we’ve been telling customers for years: freshness equals potency.

Why Freshness Matters

While the scientific and consumer world have long focused on purity as the main determinant of quality, one crucial topic has been largely left out of the conversation: the freshness of the oil.

The connection between freshness and health benefits is still relatively new territory. However, a growing body of research is starting to indicate that the freshness of the fish oil directly affects the health benefits fish oil consumers are trying to achieve.

A Swedish study reported that rancid omega-3 did not activate enzymes related to valuable health benefits, while fresh oil did.

In animal studies, consuming large doses of rancid plant oil led to an increase in the amount of fat in the liver. In other animal and cell studies, the consumption of rancid plant oil affected proper cell division and led to cell death in the stomach.

A graph of the oxidation levels of omega-3 fish oils on the Norwegian market.

Furthermore, several new studies have found that consuming omega-3 fish oil did not have the anticipated protective heart health benefits – contradicting the well-documented evidence that omega-3 promotes good heart health. Researchers are now speculating that those contradictory results could be because newer research studies are feeding the participants rancid omega-3 fish oil products.

Facts from the Study: 95 % of Fish Oil Products are Rancid 

Fresh, full-spectrum Omega Cure fish oil

Third party studies reveal Omega Cure has oxidation values at a fraction of that of other Norwegian oils.

Although freshness most likely has a profound impact on a person’s health (it makes sense: anyone would prefer to eat fresh fish over old, spoiled fish), most omega-3 products on the market are far from fresh. The Norwegian Government-backed study reported that 95 percent of 58 brands tested did not meet industry freshness standards! Omega Cure was tested in this study, and emerged as the best liquid fish oil on the market by a wide margin.

This study is not the only accolade we can attribute to Omega Cure. A follow up study by the Norwegian health magazine, VOF, Vitenskap og Fornuft (Translation: “Science and Reason”), found that Omega Cure’s freshness is in a class of its own with oxidation values at a fraction of other top Norwegian oils!

Oxidation values are a measure of how rancid, or in the case of Omega Cure, how fresh the fish oil is; lower oxidation values means fresher fish oil.

To learn more about freshness, why it matters, and how to make sure you are getting a fresh oil, download our revealing whitepaper, “The Rancid Truth”.

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Anne-Marie Chalmers, MD

Dr. Chalmers is the co-founder and president of Omega3 Innovations, the fresh fish oil company. Born and raised in the United States, Dr. Chalmers graduated from Interlochen School for the Gifted and Brown University. She completed her medical training at the University of Oslo in Norway. Dr. Chalmers has practiced emergency, family, and preventive medicine for many years, serving both at high-tech hospitals and as a barefoot doctor in rural Norway. Her research and development work has included nutraceuticals (especially omega-3) and medical delivery device systems to facilitate ingestion of multiple medication combinations.

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